woah my personal spring tune ” OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)”


who does not need a personal motivator , omi -cheerleader is a three year old brilliant reggea tune timeless sweet , sunny and sexy done but the the FELIX JAEHN thing got the tune back in my persoal mix in my heavy rotation in my headphones back because it got groove and drive , rythm and soul and sooooo much sun, spirit and fun in one tune , ueberaschungs chocolate egg  of my tuneof the day , sweet and dark on the surface and savory, sun and fun in the core , the music video is fun for itself

so many different bootlegs a massive tuen like this is growing in every rework


Zion (Digital Rock Riddim) – Heavy HK & Brother Culture & Jado(Far East Lion)

Zion (Digital Rock Riddim) – Heavy HK & Brother Culture & Jado(Far East Lion)



HEAVY HONG KONG  the true  reggea , ragga and dancehall crew in HK collaborated with”Brother Culture & Jado(Far East Lion)” the Shanghai crew and we got a fierce RAGGA , REGGEA rocker . I am so proud , I can listen and have to aknowlegde how mature the sound is , it is growing out of the shadow the zion flag has, it has history , from JAMAICA , USA , RAGGA and ROCKSTEADY ROOTS from EUROPE , ENGLAND nowadays ITALY and RUSSIA  is very strong RAGGA and DANCEHALL SCENE ; but this tune shows a new movement , everyoneis looking at the political questions , but here we can attend how culture reforms itself and this RAGGA MC called ” JADO” is extraordinaire , the english mcing  goes into chinese ,rough fluent and tight .

RESPECT to “Heavy HK & Brother Culture & Jado, Far East Lion”

Influencing Hong Kong’s bass music community, the Heavy crew constantly pushes sounds of deep reverberations since 2006, with Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Reggae. Building from nights at local bars and progressing to multi-genre festivals, Heavy promotes local talents while presenting a delectable array of international heavyweights such as Dub Phizix, Tes La Rok , V.I.V.E.K , Pendulum, DJ Storm, RSD, Digital, Goth-Trad , Dj Fu and more – big, bad and heavy.


For Sound System and Dj Gears Rental, please email to: heavyhk@gmail.com






JADO’s reggae music’s influence in Shanghai started in university, after obtaining Jiangsu top-notch singer and other awards,success came when he signed to the SONYBMG record company, that relied on a person that was local and well versed.

2005 released on SONYBMG’s “Has Any Lecture of Anything @SHANGHAI” CD,

2006 year releases personal special edition “JADO” Shan Qu of the same name ” the solar rain ” and so on obtained music lovers’ consistent commendation.

2007 coordinated the SOMA phonograph record by NIKE, NOVO, which other brands accredited to great popularity the song, soon after that leaving Shanghai.

2008 moved to Beijing and joined the “MEIWENTI SOUNDSYSTEM”JADO being the only REGGAE singer, Simultaneously actively promotes the REGGAE DANCEHALL music, in MAO LIVE, the star light scene, OB1, the modern sky splendid performance music festival,thus has obtaining massive confidence.

2009 returned to Shanghai, also marked the arrival of shohei from japan, Zimbabwe and other places, all artists from the REGGAE DANCEHALL scene then formulating “FAR EAST LION”As the team leader, he purchased the massive 45RPM phonograph record, has successfully held “THE REGGAE PARTY”.He was successfully opening shows with SOUND CLASH and REGGAE WORLD CHAMPION ASSOCIATION ” MIGHTY CROWN ” Alongside Japanese reggae singer “RUDEBWOY FACE” “AMR STRONG ” with Taiwan performance.After meeting famous Chinese producer CLIVE CHIN gave JADO high praise and supported mentorship.

2010 during EXPO, was invited to the Dutch Exhibition hall for performances, as well as continued performing in ” SHELTER , ANAR , LOGO , SMP SKATE PARK , MAO LIVE HOUSE”, thus obtaining massive influence and set his presence in Chinese as well as the of overseas music circle.

2011 RAP MANIA VOL.1-Back to the gloden age freestyle battle champion.

2013-2014 He was successfully opening shows with “DJ Kentaro”,”Part2style”,”Top Cat”and”Tippa Irie”.