Welcome Home by Spike Jonze feat FKA TWIGGS and ANDERSON PARK ’Til It’s Over’


Its not apple it is Spike Jonze FKA TWIGGS, music Anderson Park just coming to the point make love and magic for the moment, ’Til It’s Over’ is the perfect fusion of electro and soul



Kokkoku OP: Flashback feat. Zenpaku 

アニメ「刻刻」OP / 主題歌


Kokkoku OP: Flashback feat. Zenpaku

Kokkoko, the manga opening of this month, it is just out for days or weeks but it inspired more than

Kokkoku OP: Flashback feat. Zenpaku got monster nightcore and more covers, from techno to jungle and I just love the “Talking HEAD, YMO and the 2018 EDM  touch the fused it is 1 minutes 33 seconds 2018 sound with a electro bass riff which the original one  just mesmerizing epic



end the ending is just japanese hip hop premium lolli sweet but galore