James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (POINDEXTER Remix)

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James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (POINDEXTER Remix)



man than cames such a song along , this tune by Pointdexter got the right funky attitude to shuffle and rock the tight knots in your shoulders away , i for myself got some rough , and real shit bombed days behind me like my house was flooded and if you think if thats not enough my was the only one of all my neighbors was save and the shitstorm was just started and the whole house was wet , the shrooms were growing out of the furniture, and the walls was wet, so and so much more happened to me , that you think if fate is so , than she is a real bitch, you have to see my neighbors laughing outside the house and after weeks of work and just posting music without comment , i was just speechless and the music did not caught up with my surroundings, so i have to apologize to be so rude all the artist here mention in my shabby blog are great but my mood and my believe of the good and positive power of the world was just shaken to the ground , so much good artist and just gangnam style artist psy was recognized by the uno , there is something significant wrong on earth,,
but now back

than this now speechless, breathless and powerless sitting here do my modern day labour and putting Nurbs and wireframes togehter, to  watching the shrooms growing out of my furniture , they are fast cheeky roomates , they errect in full size in 30 minutes ,

i discover a Pointdexter REMIX , Pointdexter took “JAMES BLAKE ” modern classic ELECTRo SOUL CLassic ” THE WILHELM SCREAM” and roughed a experimental , electro soul classic up with a DAFT PUNK majestic clothed with a  funky soul, it sounds kind a extrem to depict POINTDEXTERS REMIX with ” ROUGHED” it up “as verb, but thats the point sometimes, it does not need bass bomb wobble extremes, to show us how tough the dough of life mixed is, POINTDEXTER, got the right SONG, by JAMES BLAke and his MAGIC, and it sounds like the River of life , steady in the flow , funky at sometimes, rough at the edges but if we chooses right we see the right side and go with flow and smile with the funk and while the rough edges appear , a wonderful tune flows like  river and right to the point , funky ass heaven an sexy like you who read my shabby blog , keep it rocking and do not let fate or another bitch take away you ryhtm , funk and soul , Paointdexter gave us a smooth funky tune like cream and sweet and pure like your first kiss ,

respect and now i am going to check out his new EP on Bandcamp, must be a hell of cheeky and funky one if this one comes by Pointdexter

here some words by the artist

Just having fun with one of my favorite songs
DEBUT EP ‘FOREVER’ OUT NOW ( http://pdxtr.bandcamp.com/album/forever-ep )


wow i thought his JAMES BLAKE remix was fine but his forever EP is just glorious sweet , pure goodness, cream smooth electronic sounds just too sexy give it aome wings and kiss your boy or girl you will hear little bells ringing do it kiss you love give some love here you can buy it for 3 dollars just heavenly composed tunes crafted by POINTDEXTER, original Tunes by POINTDEXTER, did you hear the bells ?