DANIELA ANDRADE made a beast of proper sunny well feeling cover and let 2015 shine like never before

Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave / Sober (Cover) by Daniela Andrade

DANIELA ANDRADE made one of the first burner this month i just presume but listen by yourself , the artist who visited HONG KONG in 2014 took “TELEGARPH AVE / SOBER ” by CHILDISH GAMBINO , one of my favorite contemporary HIP HOP artists in our time, and covered it like she does , her catchy dreamy voice seem to tame the the everyday graphic violents which is hitting us and every tone seem to be the the right recipe , the right pill  to calm down the rough high and tides which the life is throwing at us every day , we should be truly grateful for artists like  DANIELA ANDRADE who got the god giving gift to tame and straighten up the the crazy times we live in for 2 minutes and 45 seconds where we just lay back and enjoy to be alive and listen to such a song and the only worries we got for this time are the goosebumps she gives us for  2 minutes and 45 seconds , I for myself are really looking forward to her new EP , “HELLO WORLD ” you should too.



here she caught me with her LATCH  cover


Wayvee – Golden Triangle

Wayvee – Golden Triangle



Free release from @wayvee with a remix from @Danglez be sure to grab the download.

Cover artwork by Ryan McCabe.

WAYVEE IS BACK and it seems he took the chinese proverb in good use , ” You can read thousand books or walk a million miles ” the result would be the same , you will live stories and going to experience the memories and ways of different people amd cultures, it is going to change you with every inprint .

“Golden Triangle by WAYVEE” seem from a different place , where the scent is a different, the time seems to flow in another way, he seem to be inspired by the asian instrument you find in MYANMAR, SIAM ? THAILAND and did not lose his style of the electro soul, future funk , whwere the beat and basslines are deep like the nights in the tropical jungle where he found the inspiration and the heat he packed in his tune