Tumblr Girls ft. Christoph Andersson by G-Eazy

Tumblr Girls ft. Christoph Andersson

Tumblr Girls ft. Christoph Andersson is so to the point , hip hop like tumblr does, dropping word by word, line by line m it seem random but the whole picture G-Eazy painted with the epic beat he fitted in this one made it simple beautiful . AND who does not know one TUMBLR GIRL who is not not rocking your boat somehow . YOU KNOW WHO I MEANT FRL W.

Mashed Up Kingston by Romano Gemini

Mashed Up Kingston by  Romano Gemini

Mashed Up Kingston

” Mashed Up Kingston by  Romano Gemini” is a perfect mix for the cold days  you wanna move and in my experience reggae , ska , rockteady is the right choice to open all the inner chakren , for the inner sun , fire and happy hormones .Romano Gemini from VIENNA put it “MASHED UP KINGSTON” .FROM the classic “A MESSAGE TO RUDY” , two hours of full force mash up of pure RAGGA , ROCKSTEADY, SKA and ROCKSTEADY,


Reloaded Rocksteady

mixed by Romano Gemini 2012 – 2013

This playlist contains 3 sounds, total time: 2.57.12