Escaping Now Ft. Lokka Vox

Escaping Now Ft. Lokka Vox



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We all have that time when we just need to get away. Whether it is from the approaching winter, school/work, or a toxic relationship, we need to “escape” to feel solace once again. Lose yourself with Sauniks and Lokka as they take you into the moment and away from the discord of life. Escape with this upbeat groove that will have you up and moving your feet in no time.


Lokka Vox:

Artwork by Lexi Marie – 5A Productions

Four Color Zack – Red Bull Thre3Style Guest Mix


Four Color Zack starts real a lil rough but after a moment you get , he is really stepping up and match a lot of styles with his one, boah i really love how he match up my favorite tune with his rough 4 minute intro , MARVIN GAYE meets FAVELA rough drums nice , i promise you will fall for his 28 minute mini mix 4 minutes later , fine mix with a real nice dl link