Hide & Seek by kenziemay

Hide & Seek by  kenziemay

Hide & Seek

“Hide & Seek” by ” kenziemay” is a real electro soul banger , soul like true big and high roller who really knows how to roll their game and dice, her voice is sweet like sin and vice so full of passion and addictive , adhesive like industry glue , so tricky sticky, so nice KENZIE MAY  sound so lusty and mean in the same time, and she got mean real skillz and so mean game , the beat is such a  killer , so in love with the refrain mhmmm phat and monster dope soul from the beautiful Kenzie May living and play her games in  in London, Britain (UK)

brilliant  ELECTRO SOUL fresh from LONDON just mesmerizing beautiful

Bubble and Wine Up by Wax Wreckaz ft Etzia (Urban Knights Remix)

Bubble and Wine Up by Wax Wreckaz ft Etzia (Urban Knights Remix)
Bubble and Wine Up by Wax Wreckaz ft Etzia (Urban Knights Remix)
” Bubble and Wine Up by Wax Wreckaz ft Etzia ” yo pure GARAGE and breakbeat like this remix from “Urban Knight” is rocking and you are so rocking to the beat they packed with ,cheers ,prost and campai

UK production team Urban Nights remix of ‘Bubble and Wine Up’ by Wax Wreckaz featuring the amazing vocal talents of Etzia delivers the summer vibes even in the rain. This tune is everything we loved about UKG back in the day, and contrary to popular belief this sound has never gone away. Garage is on the rise!

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