Butch Clancy ft Amy K – Far Away From Me

 Butch Clancy ft Amy K – Far Away From Me
Butch Clancy ft Amy K - Far Away From Me
my first dubstep post since weeks and “BUTCH  CLANCY” had made a new tune which could pump new blood in the system of  DUBSTEP which seem more and more into drumstep to change but change is not bad it proves that something can grow stronger and improve itself in a ever changing environment , so does BUTCH CLANCY does he groes tune by tune , beat by beat he seem to be more powerful and skilled , this tune proves , DUBSTEP could be weak nowadays but BUTCH CLANCY still here and more beautiful pumps his tunes and  the masses pump their fists upon to this tune for sure

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Some of you may have heard earlier versions of it, but here it is! Finally out on DIM MAK!

Please support and purchase the track here: www.beatport.com/track/far-away-f…inal-mix/4330958

Sociopath Recordings

Sociopath roll’s out big 2013 and shows us what it got in their sleeves and there are great tunes

Sociopath Recordings’s avatar

SOCIOPATH RECORDINGS is a worldwide electronica internet-label established in Taiwan since 2006, settled a dang fine online music label in Taipei/Hsinchu, Taiwan and cast a broad spectrum of electronic sounds with artist round the world Taiwan, Ukraine, BRITAIN and many more , everyone ;CREATIV COMMOM licensed protected, SOCIOPATH RECORDINGS himself :
“We focus on Breakcore / IDM /Chiptune / Jungle / Mutant Hardcore / intelligent dubs and other Leftfield Electronica.” , and dang fine things under the SOCIOPATH RECORDINGS FLAG like these artists, and they are many !

some tunes are really beautiful some really disturbing but every piece they got under the SOCIOPATH RECORDINGS FLAG got a unique way to sound;\



Abortifacient (AU)
Akaratz (FR)
Alex Duko (UA)
AleX Tune (UA)
Amousement (IT)
Analog Assassin (US)
Antoine Trauma (BR)
And. (UK)
Annoying Ringtone (UK)
Airborne Drumz (CZ)
Arrhythmia (RU)
Artbreaker, the (US)
Asteroth a.k.a. Logic Terrorist (IT)
Au2pilot (DK)
Autopsy Protocol (ES)
Azop Corp (FR)
Baconhanger (US)
Barbara’s Straight Son (GR)
Bath Aide (US)
Below Bangkok (HR)
Bologna Violenta (IT)
Brainpain (PL)
Broken NVEP (FR)
Broken Toy (FR)
Brokoli (BG)
Brown Noise a.k.a. Max Grin (RU)
Buck Lorentz (FR)
Burglecut (FR)
CC Inc. (RO)
Choizcore (BG)
ChopChop (UK)
Clotaire 1er (FR)
Common Dominator (US)
Coreboy (RU)
Corecontax (UK)
Crabbwoy (SG)
Crunk Pappa (DK)
Darkwil Breakmasher (RU)
Dead # 339 (US)
Deathmash (AU)
Di-bit (JP)
Divtech (US)
DJ Fhantom (UK)
DJ Gay’s Anatomy (SE)
DJ Power Roofing (UK)
DJ Ratface (UK)
DJ Rioteer (NL)
DJ Sous-Sol (CA)
DJ Zwan (DE)
Doc Colibri a.k.a. Ruby My Dear (FR)
Egg Nebula (FR)
Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra (DE)
Evil Of Pain (RU)
Ex.Zero (NL)
Fat Frumos (UA)
Fed. (BY)
Fenix (FR)
Gabbenni Amenassi (RU)
Gekko (UK)
Genexx (UK)
Grr (IT)
giBBo (UK)
Goroe (BG)
H5N1 (PL)
Headlez Ponch (UA)
Hellboy (UK)
Horion (FR)
Ill Fat Liza (RU)
Infekkted (GR)
Ion Siren (UK)
Ironska (TW)
I Wannabe (UA)
Jacobeat (AQ)
Japery (UK)
Jesus Mohammeds, the (SE)
Jim Kelly Dolemite (UK)
JonBob (CA)
Kamikaze Deadboy (UK)
Kendo (UK)
Khaoz Engine (BE)
Kkrusty (US)
KlitoriX (FR)
Knarf (UK)
Ku:nt (UK)
Kwasior (PL)
L’homme Fatal (UK)
L3ft Luca5 (UK)
Lactation Sandwich (UK)
Les Sécrétions Romantiques (FR)
Lizo Mzimba (UK)
Madah Gasebre (IT)
Mark Swift (UK)
Maskinanlegg (NO)
Matheus (UK)
Mental D-struction (FR)
Meow Meow (NL)
Microcobra (EE)
Mimes For Smack (CA)
Mithra (CA)
Mod Ros (DK)
Moorieman (DE)
My Gloomy Machine (CA)
Nailbomb Cults, The (UK)
Narcopsy (ES)
Negrobeat (SE)
Nesh (UK)
Night Walker (JP)
Ninjah Fareye (CA)
Noizmash (FR)
Noizzzbreed (RU)
Non Human (SK)
NSF (Neurotic Sound Foundation)
Oh No Its Howard (US)
On the Rim of the Wheel a Nail (US)
Orbique (PL)
Overthruster (US)
Owain Lewis (UK)

[P-R-Z] (UA)
Partikal Katastr (NL)
PFL11 (IT)
Pixel_Play? (UK)
Pizza Circus (RU)
Pleasedont (TW)
Pooberry Shitcake (RO)
Poor Jiffy (HU)
Porion (FR)
Psudaform (CA)
Psychonaught (UK)
Puke Flytalker (US)
Radiactive Samurai (RU)
Ramide (IT)
Randomatik Blast (FR)
Rappeur Qualite Prix (FR)
ReHab (UK)
Rekombinacja (PL)
Rohstein (PL)
Rubber Muffin (CA)
Scandinavian Noise Syndicate (DK)
ScatDose (UK)
Shere Kahnn (IE)
Shotgun Orchestra (RU)
Sir.Vixx (US)
SkodVolt (DK)
Skull (BG)
Slew52 (DK)
Slutto (CA)
Snoblind (HK)
Sonic Deadhorse (TW)
Sound Of Illusion (RS)
Spets (LB)
Split Mind
Strim (HU)
Substance B (FR)
Surrealizt (AU)
Swampyboy (UK)
Technique.Planet (BY)
Terra-Phi (US)
Thank Fuscia (UK)
The Ghost of 3.13 (RO)
The Televisor (AU)
The Thing with the Stuff (US)
Timmy Turntable (BE)
Toiletooth (US)
Traits (US)
Trebor Nametab (UK)
TuneFreak (UK)
Vasectoven (FR)
Weirdo (RO)
WSicko (NL)
Zeuge (BY)

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