Down Dance EP (prod. Elias Abid)by APPLEBY

NEOTASTIC , NEW SCHOOL , swing and innovative original FUTUR BASS,NEO NEW SCHOOL R&B , MELLOW, DEEP , i could throw names like weeknd, smith, childisch gambino and the masterful chance the rapper, do not forget ol’dirty bastard who truely open up for all the young artists to do their own way and show us their artwork with all the emotions and own styles they are gifted and got , and how many styles , genres and sound do you can discover here” Castles (prod. Elias Abid) by APPLEBY” is a tune with all the options to “latch” us on and i am a little late the ep is out and it got a lot of monster tunes , u love chance u love gambino , so there s a big chance you got a new hero at the mic and buttons ,going to listen to the new ep so fast i can but” Castles (prod. Elias Abid)” is my favorite so far followed by “OVERDOSE (prod. Elias Abid)” deep basslines and so much fun you can feel , i can see them grinning all over everything is so fine placed and lined up both are so far my favorite tunes on the “Down Dance EP

some words by the artist ELIAS ABID himself

This is just the beginning.

I started making music alone in my bedroom after watching Corbin’s (FKA Spooky Black) ‘without u’ video. I’ve come a long way since then but I’ll never forget where it all started.
Thankful for all the people who’ve embraced me since my first song ‘Spit On Me’. It’s because of you, that I’m here almost two years later experiencing true inner happiness.

I got some best friends & fans y’all lol.
I don’t feel alone anymore.

Down Dance.
Produced entirely by @eliasabid
Mixed & Mastered by Bryan “Kawaakari” Schwaller at Classick Studios

Profit – Don’t Test We (with Lady Chann & Navigator)

Profit – Don’t Test We (with Lady Chann & Navigator)

If I chose a megalomanic crazy amreican presisdent i prefer to chose “Profit – Don’t Test We (with Lady Chann & Navigator)” they got groove and true dancehall vibes , which let the girls love to twerk and wine . this one is playful eledtronic and deep echoo heavy sweet we can smell the masses feeling it and twerk it 24 / 7 ,

some owrds by Profit

Before the full Never Trouble EP drops, we are releasing ‘Don’t Test We’ on the world featuring the ever fresh Lady Chann and Navigator.