2016 tasty treats for autumn animals



sorry was afk for so long, So here are all the tunes which made me happy and I collected all the chiller ,hip hop royalities and some special gems for all the nice and beautiful people out there who still check out this little shabby blog about sound which make our life a little bit golden , tasty and so much better, a little your  hibernation , everyone is telling you to roll with the everyday which push u to the limits ,  Stan is telling you  not to forget to take the time and listen and enjoy your life for a little time ,

love and the best regards to all the people who took the time and listen to the zeitgeist i packed here for you in all confidence , spread the word if feel it too


The Wilhelm Scream (flybear cover)




The Wilhelm Scream  got a sweet sweet flybear cover, fresh and contemporary beautiful , fitted to 2016 zeitgeist , we hear a lot of wishful thinking samples i guess this wonderful remix by flybear got a big spoon enthuisiasm