Diplo’s 1 Million Facebook Follower Bootleg Pack!!!


REALLY thought  Diplo already got  1 million followers but okay , now he got the dancecard full and thanks to this we got a monster bootleg pack 33 minutes and 24 seconds, 9 tracks and each a full force of Diplo rocker

diplo :

thanks for helping me reach 1 million facebook followers! here’s a bunch of free music for you…

Soundcloud: @diplo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/diplo
Twitter: twitter.com/DIPLO

This playlist contains 9 tracks, total time: 33.24




Cosmo Sheldrake ‘The Fly’ – Live at RX89 from Bat On Ball Creations on Vimeo.

Cosmo Sheldrake ‘Prefusify’ – live at the laundrette from Bat On Ball Creations on Vimeo.

“Cosmo Sheldrake is a master looper, multi instrumentalist, who played jazz and classical piano from the age of 4, and regularly performs on banjo, loop station, keyboards, double bass, drums, didgeridoo, penny whistle, sousaphone and more. An inspirational singer and improviser, he draws on numerous and disparate musical traditions from Mongolia to West Africa, blues to classical and folk to Balkan brass. Cosmo is a composer and a producer and has written music for film and theatre. Based in London and Brighton, he runs vocal improv and beatboxing workshops, youth empowerment and wilderness camps. He teaches workshops in schools and runs a regular community choir in brighton. He also sings and performs with his brother Merlin; both play with the Gentle Mystics, who released their debut album in 2011. In january 2013 he performed at TEDx Whitechapel.”

In this masterful musical act, multi-instrumentalist Cosmo Sheldrake creates a symphony of sounds featuring the sun and British birds in collaboration with his own vocal assortment of beat-boxing and singing.

and his music videos are just the pure definition of fun to watch

Cosmo Sheldrake ‘Rich’ – live at the pig sty from Bat On Ball Creations on Vimeo.