Smalltown DJs / Bass Coast 2016

Smalltown DJs / Bass Coast 2016



Smalltown DJs / Bass Coast 2016brilliant as ever , there is nothing to add 1 hour and more pure gold which he packed in 2016 in a set

Smalltown DJs set from the main stage at Bass Coast this year!

Great times, amazing festival. Hope you enjoy the set.





POPPIES by KINGDAVD ,KNGDAVD is Tye James and Jon Buscema two who MAKEs POP BRILLIANT AGAIN, they remind me so much where “A MAD MAN in the REFRAIN ” in the SUGAR BABES tune just burned all classes and spreaded from GOA FANS , to HIP HOP enthusiast , TECHNO FREAKS and DRUM and BASS inspired to cover and redone their classic pop tune and we listen to it and MINI DISK , RADIO STATION and TURNTABLES celebrated it , this one by the POPPIES got the same attitude and spirit

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Against the bar
Cafe liquor
From your lips
The neatest pour
Every drop
I want you more
Every time you take a sip
You get my blood boiling

Get your coat
Let’s hit the road
Grab the stick
Take control
To my place
We need to go
Every time you bite my lip
You get my blood boiling

Take off your clothes
Let me ravage your body
I don’t need drugs
When your lips are like poppies
Drowning in sheets
Is my new favorite hobby
Use up your breath
Tell me how bad you want me

Oh I’m about to let go
But only if you say so
I’m strung out on a kiss
From your heroin hips

Oh my hearts about to explode
C’mon and just let me go
I’m strung out on a kiss
From your Heroin hips

Catch your breath
Let’s go again
Another round
Take a spin
Don’t be shy
Tell a friend
Anything you wanna do
Baby I’m in

KNGDAVD is Tye James and Jon Buscema
Written by Tye James, Jon Buscema
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Jon Buscema
Artwork by Jon Carmelli
Mastered by Dan Millace