Tink – Don’t Tell Nobody feat. Jeremih (Prod. Da Internz)

modern R’N’BASS , true modern TANGO in R’N’B CLOTH by TINK featuring JEREMIH and produced by the genius crew “Da Internz”, brilliant work

THAT’s what I am talking bout ” R’N’B” is about the sweet thing between two people and love , love is more than the mainstream wanna sell us , this piece of R’N’BASS piece of GOLD is the “New RnBass song from Think & Jeremih” is so true and fresh , brutal and rar truth about the Game ,LOVE  ,HATE, SEX  and two people who truly feel and sing about stuff without any CENSORSHIP to sell it to HONEY BOBO , this one is about PUSSY, FUCKING , SEX,  LOVER QUARREL, New RnBass song from Think & Jeremih got a trunk full of BOOTY and history, ” NOW u are in the BACKseat smelling like a ATHLETE” the line both are smashing here are not just smart and half assed , they are direct from the heart ,intelligent , tight and really fresh . TINK got all my respect for such a brilliant tune and lines .

Flotus (Flying Lotus Cover)

SPAZZKID took  FLOTUS by  FLYING LOTUS and put his playful kinda way into it, sweet , smooth and with his wit and vision he composed an incredible cover which reminds me of the long long hours of the super nintendo with a game where the tunes never bored me , hours of hours of gaming with tunes made by someone called Link , a plumber or a gorilla , SPAZZKID put me back in apast where everything was sweet and fresh , SpaZZkid was truly inspired and his own version and vision of the loop and the chord progression are just beautiful

spazzkid himself

A quick cover I did last night of @FlyingLotus ‘ “Flotus” taken from his Ideas+Drafts+Loops release. I was really inspired by the loop and the chord progression that I thought I’d make my own version of it. I hope you guys like it! More music coming soon!

s/o to @suna / Alec Ness for helping me figure out the chords ❤