The Friends Zone ft. Shitake Monkey

 The Friends Zone ft. Shitake Monkey
The Friends Zone ft. Shitake Monkey
” The Friends Zone ft. Shitake Monkey” by “88 KEYS” released by DECON RECORDS got a lot of FUN imprinted by  “Shitake Monkey“, line by line pure funny and annoying quotations how to be caught in the ” FRIEND ZONE” , with so much fun between the lines and a monster beat. STARTING with two bumping BASS tones , a phunky punk hip hop flow , so much fun between” blink, ATARIS , NO use for a NAME and SUBLIME” ,  any high school melodic punk wit, this sounds mean but it is like between the time of scholar to the monster playa kind a sound   experience, the beat and the sarcasm and humor made it real , ok the piano at the end was a little to  much open end , “MEMORIES” style but it is the second single from “88-Keys’ debut solo release ‘The Death of Adam”. THIS ALBUM is definitely one of my next I love to check out , must be total PARTY and a FOUNTAIN of YOUTH . THIS MIX of fresh BEATS , sarcastic phunky punk voice and the PARTY he promising with every tune makes me reallly curious how “The Death of Adam” sounds with all tracks .

Current Swell- Young & Able (UK Single Edit)

Current Swell- Young & Able (UK Single Edit)

Current Swell-  Young & Able (UK Single Edit)

IT is the day for reggae and this a tune like “Current Swell- Young & Able (UK Single Edit)”which reminds me of sweet tune by my favorite PUNK REGGAE CROSSOVER BAND “SUBLIME”,   “Current Swell- Young & Able (UK Single Edit)”got this thing which made it so sublime , so nice fused with reggae tunes with the rough punk voice with the fire and pain of the youth which is rolling in the voice in the background and the trombone at the end is a nice HAPPY END and FINISHING touch