Moments like this by john_cachero

This grandios electro chiller is proving from hear to toe that we sometimes got our classic synthi heroes who had giving us the insprietion to form and weld our sound for a better world , someome really famous laughed and told his interview audience that all the musicians who thought they could change the world with music are idiots and music could never do that with all his idiocracy , but this one proves that it is possible because the world was changed as Yellow magic orchester fused synth and classic , it is not neccesary to move the mountain which not wanna move , all the one hit wonders , all the masses, there are more than one sight, there are more than one world , your world is yours and if one got the passion and the drive from one song to change there scene , their worldperspective, love dubstep but take the time for trap and find this grandiose electro chiller , which let him swing and dream in another beat anffrequence so “Moments like this  by  john_cachero” had done a frigging fine job , a  MEISSTERLASSE chiller ,movement with moving , it reminds me of so many tunes which lead me to electro, Jean MICHEAL JARRE sphericals moments , YMO PLAYFUL way to touch our souls with their vision, KRAFTWERKS monotonous powerful techepos AUTOBAHN” direct ,powerful way to give us a 15 minute long electro grand epos,  mike oldfield serious way of romantic wave

oye HOPSIN IS BACK , with one of the best hip hop ALBUM 2015


HOPSIN , an artist who trips out with every tune he gives us , he reminds me always with every album he gives us , that there are hip hop artists who got their soul and heart on their tongue , every line he spit and rhyme is such a truth bomb and tight like the first time we listen to  the great , the deep and real shit , he reminds me of Ol’ dirty bastard’s one , come on in delirium veritas ,the warm hearted one by Tupac and all the great ones from Pharcyde , mob deep and all the greats .

the whole album is just on fire , you all can keep your kanye,asap and lil wayne this shit here is so real you cannot understand and comprehend how raw and great this shit is

the best things is how his whole crew where rocking a whole train and hopsin take control in “crown me” so royal so fine , he does not need to give us the whole fairytale of bling , whores and cristal champagne , but his hip hop is one true one , hopsin is living there and not rent the royality to be like other ,

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poundsyndrome is out and it is in my opinon way kind a the best hip hop album so far 2015