In Fina we trust….. woooord

wow loved her since “My VaG” was a big big step of grrl-powered hip hop burner, throw it it in the room was burning the roof, smile, who da fuck did not love “AWKWAFINA” you get what it is promised on the box and this girl got bars, and rock her style and bring the Fiery flames, man, in my opinion, her album got the same fire and class like “No name ” different style but the skill is up on their she drives her Nissan, but sklls without borders

My favorites are “AWKWAFINA- Ghost ” because it got a sweet bouncy and bassline and old school samples and AWKWAFINA rocks the “GHOST” so hard

Awkwafina – Testify

so sweet like ChuBA Chubs, sweety, the bars so round, the sound no basic sassy attitudes wow so fire and lit


Logic the Future of Hip Hop AND RAP


Loved EMINEM but it is just so dated to hate, He is still the RapGOD for sure,

Logic with his collabs shows to love to the Game, the style,  the flow, and bars.

He is the Prometheus who brings the fire back to the desert of artists who just are shouting one brand and sell it as bars, mumbling their shopping list and selling that, and sell it as our dream we need to follow,

Logic, Wale, and Lindahl got bars, game and showing how tight it can be to got truth, plots, sense, and rhyme, true storytelling, there is not just Kendrick, Eminem here is the fire and future which shows us the glory of the righteous, the demigods who bring us RAP back

This track is so fast, so well done, I hear Logic, Wale, and John Lindahl, but do you hear the detail, the old school, Jimi Hendrix, and Logic, Wale, and John Lindahl, showing us how they love Music, Tone by Tone, Funk, Bars, and Rhyme , they own with this track the world of hip-hop and RAP 2018 and show us that RAP can be more than flower blouse, bougie, brand names repetition, the magic trick is to have skills and bars, some common sense and stories to tell,