Naeleck – Dancing Dead Month 12 by earmilk

Naeleck – Dancing Dead Month 12 by earmilk


earmilk the legendary music blog is giving us today one monster mix called “Dancing Dead Month by Naeleck” one electro banger after another edm treasure and the best thing it is just good nothing is dumb or annoying every tune is just hyping it and the mix is fucking rocking its grooves , bass and vibes


Mixed by @Naeleck for Digitally Imported &
Tracklist: Soon

Past numbers:…dead/id586041201





“SPAZZKID’S 21ST TINYCHAT JOLLIPARTY”  is a fulminant 8 bit mini EP  bombshell , every tune sounds like a bright morning where we woke up after an epic win , a raid with a big loot for every1 at our party, so we can celebrate it and forget all the “LEROY JENKINS” moments we have b4, every tune is like a sunny side up egg , bright , shiny and dang yummy tasty