one more reason we should worship BEYONCE

Beyoncé – 7/11



Beyoncé – 7/11

The music video ” 7 / 11  by Beyoncé ” is one more reason we should worship “Beyoncé ” the whole clip is breaking with all the rules of perfectionism we know so far she did in her former clips, she is joyful and enjoying herself the whole clip. I am so in love with the nature , her movement, her dance , the fun she has and the title itself , FADER depict it as a very long selfie, I for myself was just enjoying her natural habitat and how she enjoy to be herself so far she could , awesome video clip , awesome tune and her supernatural beauty with all the convenient clothes she wore , it is legit we love BEYONCE , against all the photoshop accusation BEYONCE IS STILL SEXY, BEAUTIFUL,UNIQUE, dashing and ravishing gorgeous despite xxl large , she is perfect in all the things she through over her cildre

Escaping Now Ft. Lokka Vox

Escaping Now Ft. Lokka Vox



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We all have that time when we just need to get away. Whether it is from the approaching winter, school/work, or a toxic relationship, we need to “escape” to feel solace once again. Lose yourself with Sauniks and Lokka as they take you into the moment and away from the discord of life. Escape with this upbeat groove that will have you up and moving your feet in no time.


Lokka Vox:

Artwork by Lexi Marie – 5A Productions