funky feeling – nobodi da vinylist

 funky feeling – nobodi da vinylist
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just asked  nobodi da vinylist if he cutted this ravishing piece of FUNK life on his turntables because this would be the mighty uber thing to do , and i as kind a keen to see someone do this one the turntables life because the shit is groovy like shit and royal funk , but he told me that he used REASON and CUBASE and guess what  the tune ist still sick and “ funky feeling ” made “ nobodi da vinylist” da FUNKMEISTER , da royale FUNKMEISTER 4 today , shit the tune is rolling like KATE UPTON on a BEACH towel , the BASS LINES are solid and certified pure SEX in “FUNK a little more” best regards to “nobodi da vinylist ”

from mönchengladbach, Germany, respect man

Puff. Ben Jamiл”

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Ben Jamiл”



Flipped the queen herself into something new ~~