American Royalty – Mariah (Kaytranada Edition)

 American Royalty – Mariah (Kaytranada Edition)
Remix by @kaytranada
Marc Gilfry , Billy Scher and Mat Ungson  from Los Angeles, CA / Brooklyn, NY are American Royalty is a psych-pop three piece that constructs an unlikely yet glowingly functional blend of dark psychedelic rock and poignant electronica. This creative soundscape is topped off by the vocal lead of Marc Gilfry, whose pipes seem to fall somewhere in the realm of where blues and soul meet back on the other side. AND NOW THEY GOT the true AMERICAN ROYALITY OF MODERN and YOUNG PRODUCER who remixed their tunes , the PRISMATIC REMIXES EP
out July 9 via Guns In The Sun Records, we got Jerome LOL, Kaytranada, Urulu, Steffi Graf, Drop The Lime look n’ move and this one is by Kaytranada.

From the Prismatic Remixes EP, out July 9 via Guns In The Sun Records.

1. Honey & Queen (Jerome LOL Remix)
2. Mariah (Kaytranada Remix)
3. Change The Colors In The Sky (Urulu Remix)
4. Change The Colors In The Sky (Steffi Graf Remix)
5. Hungry (Drop The Lime look n’ move dub)
6. Hungry (Romaj Remix)

D33J – “Park (Jerome LOL Remix)”

D33J – “Park (Jerome LOL Remix)”


D33J - "Park (Jerome LOL Remix)"

available now:

In the hands of producer Djavan Santos, a.k.a. D33J, what should be computer-quantized or staid is given light and life. Aquatic textures overlap with bedroom clicks, muffled vocals & vacuous guitar to form hazy late night jams with just enough rhythm for a syrup-drenched dancefloor. Colors change over the course of a song — cool blues melt to hearthy reds — and melodies wind their way through shifting textures while new forms are created at every turn. Though D33J is a solo sound technician, his sound is variegated. It is lush and large and it is alive.

Of course, the 22-year-old’s pedigree demands as much. Los Angeles born and bred, D33J attended the city’s prestigious yet public Hamilton High alongside Anticon’s Baths, OFWGKTA’s Syd the Kid, the FIDLAR boys, and Friends of Friends bit-bender Groundislava. While there, he studied both guitar and electronic music, and caught friends’ shows afterhours when he wasn’t experimenting with software at home.

When D33J moved north to study experimental audio and visual design at the San Francisco Art Institute, he was initiated into the Wedidit mafia (via Shlohmo, Ryan Hemsworth, RL Grime), with whom he nurtured a strongly weirdo cult lifestyle and further developed his unique approach to crafting instrument-infused, R&B-touched bedroom techno.

D33J recently returned to L.A. to claim his rightful place among the city’s vital noise-makers. While he continues to seed the Wedidit BlogSpot with bold R3MIX3S — see clutch reinventions of Brandy, Sigur Rós, and Drake — Anticon is giving his Tide Songs EP the debut it deserves. The five tracks contained therein offer an inventive, brightly budding intro to an artist who’s only just begun to blow the eff up himself.