HIGH4 & Lim Kim – A Little Close (해요 말고 해)

HIGH4 & Lim Kim – A Little Close (해요 말고 해)



You find a lot of underground sound,  far from mainstream on my blog, TRAP GOLD , EDM monster , DRUM and BASS heroes but sometimes a sweet piece like this , “HIGH 4 & LIM KIM ” made a sweet SOULFUL PIECE of POP , sweet like a honey , nothing is cooling the heat down like such an easy tumbling with that special drive which made the grey every day gray going right , one track which make  all the heat and pain go away for it own time being ,  KOREA is famous for their easy going R’N’B . “”HIGH 4 & LIM KIM ”  ya like a sunshine , a ray which breaks through the heat wave and move the pressure to the side , sweet soul from KOREA with an official free DOWNLOAD for you , be grateful and if you do not write a little thanks to “”HIGH 4 & LIM KIM ”  so give a try and swing a little to this summer soul extra ordinaire and you will see there ia another one next to you who can feel the same vibe ,




Single: 해요 말고 해 (A Little Close)
Artist: HIGH4 (하이포) & Lim Kim (김예림)
Release Date: 2014.07.29
Genre: R&B
Download: www.mediafire.com/download/0q5kkak…Little_Close.rar

01. 해요 말고 해
02. 해요 말고 해 (Inst.)