Do I Sound Good by ABSRDST

Do I Sound Good by ABSRDST is a mighty massive sample tune  we find four live samples by Main Vocal: @ianisiah, Back Up Vocals: @telfar-clemens,Live Guitars: (inc.) Andrew & Daniel Aged, Nathan Whipple, Akeem Smith, i guess and three sampler frem trecartin , “PLAY THE MUSIC GOD DAMNIT”: @trecartin,Renee Plaza (“Peace wherever the war is”),Caitlin McBride (“We’re about to use nanomagic”)

Sounds complex but it is like a tummy full of butterflies and sunshine of our skin on a really good open air festival , pure fun tone by tone

Main Vocal: @ianisiah
Back Up Vocals: @telfar-clemens , Akeem Smith
Live Guitars: (inc.) Andrew & Daniel Aged, Nathan Whipple


Renee Plaza (“Peace wherever the war is”)
Caitlin McBride (“We’re about to use nanomagic”)

FADER Premiere:…-do-i-sound-good
Artwork: Minhyun Cho

Major Lazer – Be Together (Wildfire Remix)



Major Lazer – Be Together remixed  by Wildfire is huge , we know Major Lazer, everyone wish to wrok with him after all the great tunes he  produced and all the milestones  from each tune his last collaboration with skrillex, wildfire remixed by wildifire got a lot of change in speed and style , he used more echo which gives it more a dancehall effect, i do love the violines it give them a fiery spicy twist, electronic dance music do not  ever sound better every part fits well , the whole tune is round