throwback WEDNESDAY

Tycho – Dive is one of my most beloved one it got everything in one, chill, cool , beautiful. When  Nietzsche wrote  “if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you”, I see it here in another context”

“if you stare into the beauty of the composition of the songs, the beauty of the composition of the songs look back at you and proves the beauty of the moment you are and change you and your enviroment in the mannigfold ways and show you kindly this abyss is different in its own way it is mesmerizng and got the magic to change you and the way you feel this cruel, cruel world “


throwback wednesday

stan-soundthings favorite tunes and mvs

today “TOE” one of Japan INDIE GUITAR BANDS, INNOVATIVE GUITAR PLAY, and UNIQUE STORYTELLING VIA GUITAR and the video is just beautiful done we saw it before stop motion made but come on just to synthesis and fit the movement to such a unique artful way is just premium delightful enjoy