Summer is here

Joe Hisaishi – Summer



Mamoru Fujisawa (藤澤 守 Fujisawa Mamoru?), known professionally as Joe Hisaishi (久石 譲 Hisaishi Jō?, born December 6, 1950), is a composer and director known for over 100 film scores and solo albums dating back to 1981.

And “Summer by Joe Hisaishi” got the spirit when all the children and youngsters are giving in to travel afare to find the adventures in the beauty of the land, sea, and mountains far far away in hope to discover things, feeling and get lost in the moment, a cup of tea, a fresh breeze somewhere, anywhere, full enthusiasm and spirited wayward on the road is driven by books and ideas of a place to find the summer the won’t and will not forget until the next summer

soo loving his solo concert so much more intense you can feel his thoughts, memories and vision he put in this warm and thoughtful piece, listen you can see the moment he travels, the moment he breath the fresh breeze and fell in love in this summer

and he got “spirited away the studio ghibli movie” another summer one let us fit us in his idea how de depict and envisioned “One summer’s day by Joe Hisaishi”


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