sylcmyk aka Sylvester Draggon Jr is back with electronic jazzy sweets



“sylcmyk aka Sylvester Draggon Jr “is back with electronic jazzy sweets , so talkinin about sweets is a tune with jazzy ,tropical , electronic and classic influences from his weekly collection of beats which got a various styles but after a listening you can hear the chiptune heavy part which point out his love to the early 90 nintendo and anime composer far from the dystopian style we find nowadays full enthusiasm and moments where we discover piano parts which reminds us where we looking into the hemsisphere and enjoy the moment ,”sylcmyk Sylvester Draggon Jr from New York City” a brilliant manic sound and beat smith is composing new stuff in his free time , “sylcmyk “himself said “A second round of weekly-made treats for a year-long music project called Weeklybeats in 2016. I can’t stop making music!”



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