KUČKA ⩫ HONEY ⩫ remix ep



I just written an mighty shout off for medesin remix , he tooK ” HONEY by KUCKA ” and gave it a personal touch , an electronic spin , his vision and the his point of view twist , a true true thriller a little accoustic cinema n’oir finden wir hier bei Jade STATUES , sweet trip hop swinging beat , but what soul KucKa packed in her vocals is just mesmerizing you are zooiming into a crazy beautiful world , it seem to open a scene into the emotional cotemporary modern lusty erotic insight in her dreamscape underlined with a sweet sour, lush and smooth soothing future bass beat, vibrant and virtuos done in perth australia , 10 points was i could give but man ,ladies , king and queens this one deserve 25 take it or leave it this one combined with the redoes and remix version deserve all of it .

“Honey” is the fourth single from KUČKA’s new EP “Unconditional” out 14th August 2015 on Midnight Feature.

Buy 12-Inch Vinyl or Download
Bandcamp: bit.ly/1DC3fF2
iTunes: apple.co/1IMxDhO


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