Michl – When You Loved Me Least (Ghost Loft Remix)

MICHL from L.A. got a fulminant remix by “GHOST LOFT”from Koreatown, Los Angeles, wow , do you feel how much “GHOST  LOFT” must love and respect MichL’s original , one so much love in details and respect in this brilliant remix , wow you can see ” GHOST LOFT” grinning and smiling how muich fun and passion he must felt while he worked at this beauty , uh wow the vibrant parts are just crazy like a warm wave , where I shiver and feel that the summer can come , this one is for all the peeps , the couples who believe to swipe right , that there is a possibity to find the right one , this remix proves it , Michl’s tune found Ghost Loft and this remix is born with passion , love and respect , wow

wow and wow so loving this remix , if there is a tune which I can call the true embodiment of Future BASS this one is the one


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SC: @ghostloft

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SC: @thisismichl


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