Kučka – Honey (medasin redo)

“Kučka – Honey ” got a lush and sweet electro redo medasin , he shapped , chopped and frickled a bitter sweet electro beat into the future soul monster by Kuckka , which is so mesmerizing dreamy and sexy  on its own kind,  Kucka got thrilling electro redo from Texas, vibrant synth and sweet like blueberry jams .We can hear a lot of little sound clips and details , Medasin love this tune , listen he tried to archieve to levitate it and put his little personal vision of this tune into it and i have to say it is not bad it all , the original was and is just perfect like it is , is listen to both and it is a totally different story and genre , so both are closed stories and differnt beautiful.wow really love both tunes and the differences, wow

please give them both some love man they deserve 100 %





medasin from Dallas full respect to Kucka , some words of admiration for Laura Jane Lowther aka Kucka from Perth, Australia

a remix i did for my friend Kucka, who is hands down one of my favorite new artists out right now, & i highly recommend you guys keep up with her music. expect to hear more from us in the near future.


Instagram: @iamkucka

wow another fine one by Laura Jane Lowther aka Kucka from Perth, Australia



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