Allure – Glow

“Lorris Piasco aka Allure”  from Paris proves again that the french capital a bastion is where passion driven french house is forged and composed by creative souls with a cigarette , the bluescreen of the renaisance, with a lot of spirit and elan proves “Lorris Piasco aka allure” with his new single “Glow” that he deserves to be hundred procent, tone tone , “Glow” got a huge house drive , everyone have to dance and celebrate “Glow”, man sweet sweet tune


“Lorris Piasco aka Allure” some words about his new tune

New single “GLOW” online now !

This one is a special dedication to every people we meet in our lifetime and who are against our success, who try to make us fail, who deal with us in condescending ways, and who fervently hope that things end up badly for us. They don’t want us to glow…
But in the end, passion, love, skills and dedication are stronger than hatred and jealousy, that’s why they will never be able to extinguish our flame.


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