Argüello – Daydream (feat. Faheem & Blair)

Argüello – Daydream (feat. Faheem & Blair) it got everything , message and a strange sweet tormenting soul attitude , sad for the artist, but sooo good for me I can say “what you do not KNOW “Argüello – Daydream (feat. Faheem & Blair)” you love hip hop, you got childish gambino, chance the rapper everyone done and toured coeachella twice , but Argüello – Daydream (feat. Faheem & Blair) is just fine and got the fresh bloodlust , the eye of the tiger with the bite which comes so deep from the soul which wanna tell you how fine they are , the beat which is just drunken fill confidence with attitude, tight hooks and I KNOW THEM U NOT < Argüello – Daydream (feat. Faheem & Blair)> you can hashtag so much like lol, do not take me so serious, but dang this got soul , blues and it is beautiful unique

Argüello himself

Guys! DAYDREAM is Finally out on iTunes! Show me some support and grab your Copy here
This track was made on February, a lot of melodies on this one, Violins, Horns, like a Soundtrack wink emoticon Really hope you like it and share it and support it and listen to it haha heart emoticon
Wait a lot of music from me in the future, this one is the last track of the year. I know have been a long time since my last release so i hope you guys enjoy this one heart emoticon






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