Eastern Traps / The TRAP MONSTER of 2014 compiled by LedParade

Eastern Traps (Mr. Carmack, Mura Masa, Andru, Axel Thesleff etc.)

LedParade from HELSINKI, FINLAND compiled a monster TRAP MIX with all the freaking TRAP beast the world was letting out in the wilderness and come on after my last post filled with mainstream i have to have one pure underground and TRAP is so good sheltered that it is not so mainstream like EDM or house  and LedParade from HELSINKI, FINLAND made a fine mix , it got them all you have to know, listen and you understand we love TRAP and why 2014 was a big thing it called TRAP , ok JERSEY CLUB was huge too, it was a good year

Mr. Mitch – Tree (JD. Reid’s Pai Mei Remix)
DL: Jdreidmusic – Treejdreidremix
J-Louis – When I Make It
DL: Soulection – J-louis-when-i-make-it)
Hucci – Ball So hard (ft. Stööki Sound)
Hucci – Hucci-stooki-sound-ball-so-hard
Mr. Carmack – Practice What You Preach
Mr-carmacks-lost-tracks – Practice-what-you-preach
P A T H – M e n a c e
Mura Masa – Hell
Muramasamusic – 10-hell-taken-from-soundtrack-to-a-death-out-now-on-itunesvinyl
Mura Masa – Lotus Eater
Pyramid Juke, Ookay – Yen
Smog – Pyramid-juke-ookay-yen
Eli Muro – Orphan’s Son (Ekali Remix)
DL: Ekalimusic – Eli-muro-orphans-son-ekali-remix
Andru – Wailin’
DL: Trap-door-official – Andru-wailin
Axel Thesleff – Red Sun
DL: Axelthesleff – Red-sun
Skepp & Hawk – Kahire LV
DL: Skepp-2 – Skepp-hawk-kahire-lv
Biz – Papaveraceae
DL: Biz-so-busy – Biz-papaveraceae
Ozzie – Doom Dada
DL: Ozziemusic – Ozzie-doom-dada
Losco. – XXXX
Loscobeats – Xxxx-1
Saint, Aglory – Alhambra
DL: 7hesaint – Saint-aglory-alhambra
Axel Thesleff – Bad Karma
DL: Axelthesleff – Bad-karma

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