one more reason we should worship BEYONCE

Beyoncé – 7/11



Beyoncé – 7/11

The music video ” 7 / 11  by Beyoncé ” is one more reason we should worship “Beyoncé ” the whole clip is breaking with all the rules of perfectionism we know so far she did in her former clips, she is joyful and enjoying herself the whole clip. I am so in love with the nature , her movement, her dance , the fun she has and the title itself , FADER depict it as a very long selfie, I for myself was just enjoying her natural habitat and how she enjoy to be herself so far she could , awesome video clip , awesome tune and her supernatural beauty with all the convenient clothes she wore , it is legit we love BEYONCE , against all the photoshop accusation BEYONCE IS STILL SEXY, BEAUTIFUL,UNIQUE, dashing and ravishing gorgeous despite xxl large , she is perfect in all the things she through over her cildre

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