Tommy Lee – Mechanic (Grodio Remix)

Tommy Lee – Mechanic (Grodio Remix)


“Tommy Lee – Mechanic ” got a decent rework , a remix by the crazy GRODIO, he mixed dancehall and electro synth to boombastic and explosive banger , i love the playful way GRODIO gives the deep dark driven DANCEHALL groove a shiny swirly elctro vibe , this tune is so crazy like  dancehall meets Kraftwerk but GRODIO from MUNICH did it so fine that his vision to fuse both to a mighty electro DANCEHALL monster , bravo this  one is a real legit  DANCEHALL ROCKER remix  from BAVARIA


here the info to GRODIO

GRODIO is  a producer from Munich/Germany and I do all kinds of Bass Music, mostly Global Bass, Tropical, Dancehall and even some HipHop.
I made 2nd place on the Jahcoozi Remix competition for “Barefoot Dub”.

Most of my tracks are free to download, so enjoy and spread the word! If you like my stuff, why not drop a comment here on soundlcoud or on my facebook page!

If you have a decent track you want me to remix just hit me up here on soundcloud or on my facebook page.

Here is what other’s are saying about my music:

“This sh** is BANANAS”
(MC Zulu)

“Grodio keeps the party in full swing: the man from Munich delivers a dancehall trip which will have people bouncing off the walls”

“Certified Banger!”

“Top of the Trops – Best of Tropical Bass 2010”

“so perfect! great production”

if you want to know more about me, just check out this interview with me:…clusive-interview

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