NINTENDO DS IS FLOATING WAY OVER the other consoles and it is so that not hardware is truely  superior but the games are made with so much care and love , thoughtful well created characters m environments and sounds , thats the reason MARIO, KIRBY, LINK and PIKACHU seem to inspire so many gifted peeps, like GRIMECRAFT and he made a whole EP , with cheeky 8bit sound crossed with breakbeat matched with electro and drumstep power , check out I introduced it month ago use the search box “Grimecraft” is the keyword


A year ago today I put out my first EP, POKÉP – a tribute to the music of Pokémon. The album received global praise and to this day has reached over 250,000 ears worldwide. I’ll always remember that as the best birthday ever.

Today I turn 25, and am very happy to announce that I have two very special gifts for you – The first is POKÉP Gold. POKÉP Gold is a collection of remixed material from the original POKÉP, Including the VIP version of DITTO which I am sharing with you today. The album will be released this Winter along with PokéLP – a special physical edition containing the material of both the original POKÉP and Gold as well as a few extra suprises. POKÉP, POKÉP Gold, and PokéLP will be available first at MAGFest and the festival dates that follow while supplies last.

I want to thank you guys for supporting me for the past year. It has been an incredible journey and it has only just begun.


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