Tha Trickaz – Robbery Song (Kayloo Remix)

Tha Trickaz – Robbery Song (Kayloo Remix)



Chinese Man, The Geek X Vrv, Senbeï, Kayloo & Otodayo collaborated and made an awesome EP , my first tune I introduce is the “KAYLOO REMIX” , electro remix , fine glitch beats , sweet breaks and one of the more playful fitted remix by KAYLOO, CHINESE MAN from France is more into the funk, b-boy beat forge  , SENBEI take the beat juggling with the sample to a more cinematic scene and i cannot deny it is one of my favorite  remix versions , it got something Photek- breakbeat big cinema , DJ KRUSH ARTISTERY sample juggling but listen for yourself, last but not least “Tha Trickaz – Robbery Song (Remaster) “please  emphasize here the word MASTER, the breakbeat crunch is here the grittiest , massive breaks, powerful brass orchester placement and placed as the final one , one perfect decision it wakes up every peace in mind , body and soul , famous remix breakbeat artist everyone elite , and every tune they did is perfect  for breaking, popping ,locking and just dancing ,








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