Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)

Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)



Louis The Child made a golden , a sweet remix a true deep dish pie where everything seem to be so very golden brown crusted, “Oh Wonder – Body Gold” got  the all inclusive VIP package , the spa treatment where we get the warranty for the happy end , this gifted child from CHITOWN , man today a lot of crazy gorgous tunes from Chi TOWN , CHICAGO had crowned the day with a royal tune which i have saved two days before I could  posted it in my shabby blog , come on i really wanna put it on the FRONT , the COVER, the POSTER TUNE for my lil BLOG , I play this tune and the BUFFALOBILL remix by “Louis The Child ” on heavy rotation on every playlist i got, IPAD, INANO TURNTABLES , XPERIA, in my GYM , ob the river rowing ,on the train , this remix is just so good done.

this vibe , this tune got it that something which i wish i could put in my life and walk with such a swag along my whole life , the bling and proud in rythm and beat ,


all my best regards to CHICAGO this one called “LOUISE THE CHILD ” in the midst of CHITOWN got the skillz and SWAG you should be proud to got a neighbor right beside you







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