The name Zuri Akoko means “beautiful noise maker


”  We Can by Zuri Akoko ” from Sydney, Australia  got send me a little piece from her repertoire of beautiful downtempo chillwave , soundscapes and tunes before her upcoming EP in the SUMMER . was it her summmer our winter season ? I must say after my obsession with JERSEY CLUB and nouvelle vague  R’N’B ala JEREMIH and THE WEEKND , still great music, still love the simplicity of JERSEY CLUB ,  but JEREMIH and THE WEEKND showed me how deep a voice can be,   so it was  fairly difficult to get into such deep , epic soundscapes   built by ZURI AKOKO. ZURI AKOKO  does demand a little more  attention, when she sings ,she build up her landscapes of sound ,she used deep  dub bass lines , warm and massive tings of sound in “HOLLOW” or”SAMMY told me so” a tune which is diving into a her sea of depth of emotional maze where we sometimes get caught . YA  I googled ZURI AKOKO is making waves in some special BLOGSPHERES, BLOGS where I for myself do find myself inspired to take a minute or two, to lose myself  to listen to , earmilk and their crew wrote a real nice piece for ZURI AKOKO  , love the earmilk crew and they are dang right , she made  nice beats and sounds , built and sketched waveey chilled future beats, organic , fluent and beautiful, the next phrase is too cool not to take it word by word out of the ” earmilk ” piece

“” The name Zuri Akoko means “beautiful noise maker,” and if you give her a listen, you’ll see that it could not be more appropriate, as her ambient beats and lustful vocals embody just that. Keep an eye out for her upcoming EP at the end of summer.”

I’SNT IT?  SO  herewith I claim , listen to the echo of my hollow wide space of the wide internet,- web , here,,,,,,,, he……, here ……. . here ………., i do need some more readers of my blog to fill the blank spaces, I do say .aye …….ey ……ay , so,. ohh……oo. o .ohh myself , just and educated guess. Terra australis incognita better known as AUSTRALIA , better known as the continent where the beats, chilstep, glitch hop flourished like weeds by JENJI, has a princess and she will grow , we will wonder how , Terra australis incognita land of breakbeat and its festival better known as breakfest seems never stop to amaxe me theses days , so did ” The name Zuri Akoko which  means “beautiful noise maker” dang this is a crazy beautiful name , i’snt it , and i get she deserve this little last SHOUT OUT ” GIRL and SHE got dang skillz”




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