LOLO – Hit and Run

LOLO – Hit and Run



SUMMER  got the voice back , this is my  4010 post and it deserve to be mention , “HIT and RUN by LOLO” is crazy fresh,  her voice is mighty and seem to thrive and reach out in every particular ways , soulful strong and with agod givin talent , wow and the title is a bomb of a title , with all the detail work we love in classic tunes which survive the ages  because the whole chemistry , composition and her voice is a force to reckon with , peeps are thinking of a rebirth of the new white hope for the soul since the last queen  parished , and i do not like to compare her because with such a talent she got her own corner , so in love with her way to sing , reach out to the high notes and it seem to become a little painful if not for us it could be a  little for her vocal chords but than she snap back in full control to her so monster sexy smokey tone, someone BROOKLYN is not QUEENS , but for today I guess BROOKLYN got a new QUEEN and she is here to made her way to become a LEGEND  with such a tune




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