The Weeknd ~ Often (Andrea Remix)

The Weeknd ~ Often (Andrea Remix)



Andrea Moonchild  aka ANDREA from Paris, France made a fastball remix and took the new , the really new tune , yesterday was the official release on Soundcloud and it was inspiring , just look how music can inspire, the bass is more significant, the tune seem to be more focused on the bass , but both are lush ,moist and sexy like heaven. , ya if ANDREA does a remix he remixed the legends and sorry  but OFTEN by THE WEEKND is one of the game changer of 2014 , with such an advantage and quality tune , full passion and truth , there will be more bootlegs ,remix , cover work done in the following time , THE WEEKND  .Produced by Ben Billions and their title “OFTEN ” is the pebble which is  just to beautiful to ignore ,is going to make waves and is going to make some pussy popping
my best regards to PARIS killer artwork




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