Friends & Family : DJ Saiyan – Magnetic Soul (Hong Kong)

 DJ Saiyan – Magnetic Soul CREW gives HONG KONG an OASE to free your mind and soul with a fresh breeze where we find a genre which takes us out of the RAT RACE, MONKEY biZZ and cubicles because the BASS itself cleanse us from  the everyday white noise , it is like a meditative state of mind , a change of pace , space and frees your body , mind and  soul of the grey everyday  pressure , you and the other people who enjoy together  genres ranging from Nu Skool Breakz, DnB Jungle, Experiment & Dub music, genres which  are not mainstream , genres which is still underground;  we find them by Chanel and BURBERRY catwalk shows, but DJ SAIYAN AND MAGNETIC SOUL CREW give us here in HONG KONG the full spectrum of Nu Skool Breakz, DnB Jungle, Experiment & Dub  , it is truly the change HONG KONG needed the whole  music scene here is controlled and hard measured , but such artist like Dj SAIYAN is like MC YAN a cut in an old ceiling and wall paper you can see the other possibilities music can have like colorful wallpapers under the white ones , not just the white IKEA provided norm ,the famous looking glass provided by the artist . When you are in HK attend one of his shows or buy a OUTLOOK TICKET, music is travlling without moving , sometimes the other times we terk , pop lock and rock to the sound by Dj SAIYAN .


Based in Hong Kong & Macau, Saiyan is one of the core members & resident DJ of the Magnetic Soul Crew- most visible & prolific DnB Crew in Hong Kong. He founded the first Dnb/Dubstep event – Bass Attack in Macao, which was named as “the historic moment” in the Bass music scene of Macao. He is also the co-founder of Bass Music China (BMC) which promotes Bass Music Culture in China.
In 2002 Saiyan started band “Dr.” – genres ranging from Nu Skool Breakz, DnB Jungle, Experiment & Dub music. In 2004 Dr. released their debut album – “Dr” & kept their focus on music production & live performance.
In 2005, Saiyan joined Magnetic Soul, organized events & supported the likes of Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush & Optical, Total Science, DJ Fresh, Outrage, Spectrasoul, SPY & Black Sun Empire. He also DJed at several festivals in Hong Kong & Europe including Outlook Festival since 2012.


01. Ruckus – 6Blocc
02. Lock Off – 6Blocc
03. Original Bad Boy – Shaka – Itchi
04. B.A.S.I.C. (Wrongtom’s Labrynthitis Remix) – Resonators
05. Life – Spinline
06. Um Bongo – Caski Ft. Chimpo
07. Soundboy – Hyroglifics
08. Woodrunner – Enei
09. Bang It (Amen Bang Out VIP) – Foreign Concept & Stray
10. Why They Wanna Serum Remix – David Boomah
11. From the Ashes – The Untouchables
12. Babylon Dub – Arkaik
13. No One – Joakim
14. Hot Plate – Enei
15. Poor Man Stands Strong – Lai Fai aka Blood Dunza
16. Bay City Ballers Club – Hyroglifics
17. Ensnare – Hyroglifics
18. Out In The Streets – Africa Hitech
19. Akina – Stray
20. Liberation – Thing
21. Sound Boy – Rob Blaze
22. Sundays (Stray Remix) – Spinline
23. Run Down Dada feat. Mr. Williamz – Part2style Remix – Part2Style Sound
24. Goliath – Enei Ft. DRS
25. Fantastic Path (Nerve Remix) – Achun
26. Cloud 9 – Ms. Dynamite & Shy FX


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