Geek Boy – Light of Day

Geek Boy – Light of Day



LADIES and GENTS this one you should listen to because GEEK BOY  is one of the 2014 fried GOLD ARTISTs , addictive like the fries from your friends, you get it when you are one of those who always knows who is  the hottest shit b4 the other lemmings and mainstreamer , you who are always the well prepared to share the biggest and best tunes ” GEEK BOY” got the fried liquid eargasm in cans for u , when you love chiller, JERSEY CLUB, TRIPPY TRAP swinger and simply pointing out that there are still artist who made the same but so much more different , a tune with ao mny details and things we heard thousand times b4, but there is always one artist who does it like “GEEK BOY: does and it sounds like magic for the moment



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