Aloma Steele – Neptune Man EP

, ” ALOMA STEELE” got one of the most beautiful tune done in 2014 so far  her tune touched me in all the good  ways, i  kind a wish tunes always do. The sound is so dreamy and swinging in all the best vibes we love  , from goosebumps to tears , wow the harp is so crazy beautful , ya man tears , vibes , wha, after two , days I am still deeply shocked to find be back where i found myself as I heard ELTON JOHN”ROCKET MAN” heard for the first time , sweet , melancholic and I was young true inexperienced with love , live and all the things which really sucks in life because they meant  so much to me but I knew this tune is  timeless because it was written and composed with the knoewledge , the experience about love , live and the things which really sucks and really hurts , long last goodbyes and someone very dear . Aloma Steele reminds me what I felt in the moment I heard a classic so far away from all the pop tunes which was written just to make the big bucks . OK this tune got that little something which let me hope and pray to feel the same thing when the masses sing to the” FROZEN” soundtrack , this one is so pure gold, a piece  which do not need MICKY and CO , this one got everything to archieve so much emotional seismic movement in my deep and dark soul that I really wish to feel this muscle thingy again.


AND REALLY such tunes like this let me believe again that music is something magical , powerful and that there must be something , someone out there who had built this little piece of mud and water , and gave someone the creative divine inspiration for this beautiful tune


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