BUSTA – Chase That Werd :FREE DOWNLOAD: [In Description]


so euphoric to post another DRUM AND BASS tune I do really love  in one week , ok there are the great DRUM and BASS producer who always got the right tunes but this week it started off for me with the MAKOTO retouch of the classic STEVIE WONDER song ” PART TIME LOVER” which is the warm , cuddly and clean monster DRUM AND BASS tune , “Chase That Werd by BUSTA ” brings another player in this game today , a modern classic hip hop tune from down under by the “HILLTOP HOODS” CREW got a crazy acid fed BASS tune , freaking breaks which is kind a rocking my day today , sweet work by “BUSTA”, nice delivered and respect love the original one from “HILLTOP HOODS” epic tune , nice choice awesome DRUM AND BASS TUNE

BUSTA himself

Here’s a new remix of mine brought to you in your stock standard free downloadable drum & bass format.

The tune I’ve actually made here is a remix of the Hilltop Hoods’ 2009 hiphop anthem titled “Chase That Feeling”.





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