Tracie Spencer – Tender Kisses (SevnthWonder Remix)


yep we can truly rely on “SevnthWonder ” to deliever us a tune which is solid beautiful , and so again a brilliant chiller of a electro soul sweetness , creamy yummy tasty food for our soul, so i wish herewith “SevnthWonder” a nice day on the beach

all my respect and gratitude 4 this nice tune by SevnthWonder again

and here the backstory and love to all the mothers worldwide


“*EDIT* Yeah, I had originally put Toni Braxton – but like all human beings – I made a mistake. LOL I dont know why, but the original track I had used said Toni Braxton on it… My bad :p

So I’m sitting here on the beach, uploading this song, and I gotta say – the view is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better song to upload right now and share with you! Also, it’s Mother’s Day, so I have to dedicate this song to my mom – the one person in my life that even after our fights and arguments, she’s still the person who’s never stopped believing in me. I’m feeling so blessed right now. I have such an amazing group of friends and people supporting me, helping push my movement, and passing on the inspiration to help others. Remember, always PAY IT FORWARD! Besides helping someone smaller than you, it feels good. Like, REALLY good! Try it sometime. Literally just share, repost, or show some love on someone’s track who’s smaller than you and just see how good you feel. PLUS, you’ll probably make that person’s day 🙂

Anyways, without rambling any longer – enjoy the rest of your weekend, stay up, and no matter what, anyone can come to me to talk to for advice, help, or just to say hi. I don’t ever wanna seem unapproachable. Let me be someone you can always rely on 🙂

Show support if you downloaded this song by liking my facebook page: and shooting me a follow on twitter here:! Any bit of love is always appreciated! Tweet me or Message me something you liked about this song!”

I am still in love with his tune



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