Tulpa – Pictures of a home

Tulpa – Pictures of a home is a chillwave killer , very very emotional , so that I got Snoopy, Pepper Mint Patty,Lucy , Linus , Charly Brown and the little red headed girl comes up here , Tulpa is playing all the cards to stir up the emotional pot because “PICTUREs of HOME” is doing what the title is promising , this is one of the tracks of the forthcoming album by Tulpa called “THE WHITE”, sweet chill wave vibes with a piano part which is going under your skin, man it is like the best Peanuts movie at a sunday afternoon when the it is twillight and the childhood romance seem to happen between Charlie and the RED Haired GIRL, but instead of SCHOEDER , TULPA plays his part to give the scene the right tunes .

YA it reminds me of home , a beagle and a girl from the past , damn u but if that ALBUM got some more of this ….



3/10 The White LP. Forthcoming.

There are pictures of a home, but the walls are blank.

Photograph by www.flickr.com/photos/chaskanorman
Edit by lukemadethis.co.uk

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