Tennyson – You’re Cute



You’re Cute by Tennyson is a cute  electro friggle tune with a huge video game , 8 bit part which reminds me of the Nintendo , Sega era, Tennyson fit some really nice keys in it , the detail work between 8 bit sweetness and the keyboard part which got a little COWBOY BEBOP jazz thing makes Tennyson tune really appealing to play it again and again , nicely done , the question is is Tennyson a pseudonym for BEN TEN ?


note from tennyson: “hi hi hi! this a song about missing her, cold beaches, kittens, running hugs, calculus and fruit salad.”

note from ryan: “this is the ideal way to start off Secret Songs. for a few reasons: Tennyson is a kid from Edmonton, Alberta where nothing like this type of music happens; I couldn’t tell you which genre he falls under; and the damn song is called ‘You’re Cute’. i hope everyone falls in love with this kid like i have. download, listen to it while you’re taking a bath, and share with all your friends.”




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