Ur Touch EP by Robokid


Robokid is a budding producer from Boston, Massachusetts and the newest addition to the Bad Taste Records roster. To get you familiar, we’re giving away ‘Ur Touch’ EP for free download.With a few different production styles to keep things interesting, Robokids production varies from wavey electronica to Jersey club and Juke. ‘Ur Touch’ is a prime example, it starts as a half-time beat with flashes of the amen break but as the track progresses you start hearing elements of Juke & Jungle. The track retains a delicate melody throughout and it’s the overall simplicity and catchiness that caught our attention.Stepping up on remix duties, we have Affelaye, Itoa & Telescopic Thieves. Affelaye released his debut EP on Bad Taste Records last year but more recently he was one of the official remixers on the Clean Bandit single ‘Rather be’ – which was the official UK number one for four weeks in January 2014. His version steps it down a gear and has a hazy Sunday morning feel. Itoa takes things in a darker direction with his edit keeping the tempo lively whereas Telescopic Thieves opts for a more chilled affair.The EP has had support from B.Traits & Toddla T on Radio 1 and Robokid is also part of a group of emerging artists called Lifted Contingency in Boston, MA.


released 03 May 2014


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