Cam James x Remot – No Applause EP


” Cam James x Remot – No Applause EP” is a massive , smart snd competent in so many levels , the beats are great like looking up mountains , you truly feel the massive work he done , I feel always a little overwhelmed if I encounter such impressive composed BEATS but such paired with such prolific skillz ; SORRY,  Cam James x Remot are a perfect crew , the skill at the mic are just killer virtuosically done , so freakish tight and banned me for the time being i was listen to it, he truly got skillz . man

folks download this brilliant piece of an HIP HOP EP by ,” Cam James x Remot“. THE title is ” NO APLLAUSE” because  IT truly does not need any it knows better , it deserve our respect , our audience and standing ovation , this ep got the stuff to be a born legend of an HIP HOP EP .

CAM JAMES is the man to observe , greatness printed is in his voice


FOLKS this is the prove HIP HOP is so alive

Cam James x Remot about their brilliant EP

My fifth independent project, and second collaboration with producer Remot. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2013′s No Role Models EP features performances from The Mighty Rhino and Niecy Blues.

For lyrics, download and bonus content, click the download button or visit


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