Ain’t No Sunshine (Lido Remix)


” Ain’t No Sunshine  by BILL WITHERS” got a monster LIDO remix , heavy electro vibes underlining the drama of the the classic tune. but it fits so fine together, nothing seem to be displaced or forced  . the samples and the detail LIDO fitted in his are just brilliant , a tune packed with the full force and heat of the summer 2014 which cannot dissapoint when such tune is companion you. wow still so smashed away how innovative he placed and retouched this classic one , you can hear how much he loved this tune, it seem that he has put his mind and heart in everything , best regards to LIdo and  OSLO, NORWAY, this tune has really touched my little rock in my chest , thank u very much




❤ EP out soon on PELICAN FLY ❤

Twitter: @Lidogotsongs

Premiered on @runthetrap:…shine-lido-remix/


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