Peach, Plum, Pear (ROUGH) by Aryn

Peach, Plum, Pear (ROUGH) by Aryn



“PEACH, PLUM . PEAR  by Joanna Newsom.” got a  ” rough ”  but crazy beautiful electro cover by the talented Aryn Wüthrich from New York, she took that tune by Joanna Newsom and took it through the looking glass and to her vision , she added  so much more layers and depth that the modern version is so different but nevertheless a beauty of its own , a cover which seem to discovered another piece in the new visin by ARYN.

In my opinion both got  the beauty n ARYN is more electro and ZEITGEIST of the modern TIMES, but the Joanna  Newsom is crazy wild in her silent she sings and does her tune , so powerful, bold and wild .

both artists are unique to observe so bold and different , but each tune magical beautiful
ps: the rough thing is a big part of the story “PEACH, PLUM ,PEAR”

this original one by Aryn Wüthrich herself is so impressive




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